Manjaro LXDE 17.0.2


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Manjaro LXDE 17.0.2


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Manjaro LXDE 17.0.2 is available for download!
Similar to the previous release, this has a base full featured system installed by default, with the selection for additional software during the installation procedure. The installer needs internet connection in order to work!

Changes since 17.0.1 release:

Added additional keyboard shortcuts for tiling windows (Super+Arrows) as well as taking window screenshots (Alt+Print) and select-area screenshots (Shift+Pint)
Added support for notifications when changing sound volume.
Use breeze-cursor by default similar to the rest editions.
Arc-maia-icon-theme has moka as dependnecy now and the icons look awesome! Also, the panel size got increased a bit, so that icons look more clearly.
Added many awesome wallpapers! Special thx to @muser, @Reznorix and @rtlewis1 (Randall T. Lewis on the lxde forum) for their artwork.
Many improvements in the whole manjaro system and Calamares installer which you can see at the announcement of the official editions!

Don't forget to take a look at Tips & Tricks Guide for Manjaro LXDE:
Tips, Tricks and General Info for Manjaro LXDE Community Edition

The purpose of this topic is to give some tips for the lxde edition. In every new lxde release announcement, I will also provide a link to this topic. Some other useful links about lxde are these:
GENERAL INFO The package manjaro-lxde-settings is important. It includes the default configurations (located at /etc/skel) which are …


Theme: Vertex Maia
Icons: Arc Maia
Cursor: Breeze
Logout-Banner: Custom logout banner based on breath wallpaper.
Wallpaper: lxde-breath

[img width=600 height=375][/img]

Some Other Wallpapers:
[img width=600 height=375][/img]

[img width=600 height=375][/img]

[img width=600 height=375][/img]


Manjaro LXQT und XFCE Stable, Testing, Unstable
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Graka: AMD/ATI Radeon R7
Treiber: Free
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